An Active Adult Community


OUR HISTORY 1993 –2016

1993 Board Members:  Homeowner elected Bob James*, Craig Currie, Roberta Sisk, Bill Bican. Don Drake (Robson Employee)  (Link to 1993 BOD picture)
Homeowner Dues         $596    
4 committees created by Board – Communications, ACC, Recreation, Golf
Open House at new homeowner office (trailer) which was purchased for $75,000 from Reserve Fund
Phase 2 transitioned from developer to HOA control in December and SLHOA#2 was given all facilities and golf courses and the responsibility to maintain them.  The money that had been in the Reserve Fund was used to replace the Cottonwood golf course irrigation system.
Capital Consultants Management Company (CCMC) was hired to manage HOA with Ken Nakari assigned as General Manager
Back nine at Cottonwood Golf Course closed for summer
Patrol dispatch office set up at Unit 20 gate house
National Janitorial was contracted at $7,850 per month.
Desert Care Landscape contracted at $15,250 per month
Sisk Park opens  Link to Sisk Park and pictures

1994 Board Members:  Bill Bican*, Jack Casper, Craig Currie, Bob Beckley/Dan Rondberg, Don Drake (Robson Employee)
Homeowner Dues $596  Golf Memberships:  PV $650, CW $850, Combo $1050
Posse Building completed Link to Posse Bldg picture
Forum donated $800 to Posse for sign at new Posse building
9 hole ladies golf group organized at CW
MAACS golf scheduling system implemented w/ 3 rounds per course per week limit
65,000 rounds of golf played at CW/ 56,000 at PV
Cottonwood Golf Course named #13 in top area private golf courses in Arizona
Bocce Ball Courts constructed at Sisk Park and Bocce Ball Club organized with a membership of 250 by June 1995
Sun Lakes named in top 20 places to retire in Readers Digest’s, “New Choices for Retirement Living” 3,000 communities were considered and researched for this award. 
Dancing Grannies won 1st place in 2 Seattle area competitions Link to Dancing Grannies picture
Agave Quilters Club was organized Link to Agave Quilters
Jason Morton, world renowned tennis player, organized first Bradshaw Tennis Tournament at Cottonwood Turn Signal at Riggs & Alma School installed by Maricopa County. Board voted to increase 1995 Homeowner Dues by $154 annually due to the need to build a Capital Reserve Fund capable of having monies available for future repair and maintenance of community facilities.”

1995 Board Members:  Craig Currie*, Bill Bican, Jack Casper, Helen Root, Bob Beckley (First all homeowner Board)
Homeowner Dues $750 ($154 to Reserve Fund), PV gate fee $136    Golf fees:  $850 CW,  $650 PV, Combo $1,050
Homeowner Dues increase of $154 voted by previous Board went into effect with all of the increase dedicated to the Capital Reserve Fund.
Intel Plant gives tram tours of their original facility to Sun Lakes homeowners
Sun Lakes Sun Bird Healthier Community Council formed and met with representatives from Chandler Hospital regarding possible medical center to be built at Riggs & Alma School
Sun Lakes Education Center opens in the fall offering three classes
Ken Nakari is hired as General Manager of SLHOA#2 as it becomes self-managed
A task force was appointed by BOD to rewrite our bylaws and CC&R’s that at that time favored the developer
Walgreens, Burger King and Dairy Queen open at Dobson & Riggs Rd.
73,527 rounds of golf played at CW and 59,222 rounds at PV played in 1995
CW Men’s Golf Assoc. has 600+ members; CW Ladies Golf Assoc. has 250

Palo Verde Road Management Association merged with Management Associations for Units 20-23, 24, 25 & 26 whose primary responsibility is to oversee road maintenance & drainage in PV. 
Softball field moved from Riggs Rd. to Price Rd.
Sun Lakes Aero Club formed Link to Aero Club
Interfaith Council establishes Neighbors Helping Neighbors to assist homebound or disabled community members  Link to Neighbors Who Care

1996 Board Members:  Bob Beckley*, Mona Ribling, Phil Wynn, Helen Root, Jack Casper
Homeowner Dues $750  Golf Memberships;  PV $800  CW $1,000  Combo $1,300
Final year that assessments from Robson Communities paid to SLHOA#2 for Phase 3 to use our amenities while theirs were being built.
Construction gates on East Drive in Palo Verde permanently closed by Robson
Name of 19th Drive changed to Cottonwood Café
Traffic light at Riggs & Glenburn Dr. began operating
Construction began on all SLHOA#2 lakes to install concrete aprons around the edges going two feet below water’s edge and raised up along the banks
Channel 49 begins broadcasting news of Sun Lakes Link to TV News and picture
Resource Center incorporated into library January 1, 1996
Final termination of original management agreement with CCMC 5/1/96
Jason Morton, Tennis Pro for Robson Communities, moved Pro Scramble to Oakwood from CW where it had been held for nine years

1997 Board Members: Phil Wynn, Helen Root, Mona Ribling, Dave Bolio*, Joe Cwik
Homeowner Dues         $800
November, Bob Mariani assumes General Manager position as Ken Nakari resigns
Sun Dance Room and Cottonwood bar remodeled and dance floor expanded
The Palo Verde golf course irrigation system was replaced
Sun Lakes Medical Center opens in March Link to picture
Chandler-Gilbert Community Colleges begin summer classes
Riggs Rd. widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes out to I-10

1998 Board Members:  Phil Wynn*, Helen Root, Mona Ribling, Dave Bolio, Joe Cwik
Homeowner Dues         $800
Dobson Rd./Alma School beautification project headed by Dave Bolio of the Forum completed at a total cost of $105,000 funded by homeowner and Forum donations + $20,000 from Bashas and $17,000 from Intel (plus their volunteer labor)
Walking paths installed along Alma School and Dobson Rds.
September, Sun Lakes Branch of Maricopa County Library opens on second floor of Sun Lakes Health Center
San Tan Ballroom murals repainted by volunteers
Three phases of Sun Lakes unite to fight Pima Utility proposed 177% rate increase for building and operating their new waste treatment plant with efforts headed by the Forum who donated $3,000 to this effort
The first SLHOA#2 website becomes operational
Grille on the Green by driving range opens
Palo Verde Task Force appointed to study PV Clubhouse usage and make recommendations for improvements
9 holes of golf closed one day a week at each course for summer to allow maintenance work
Performing Arts League organized Link to Performing Arts League

1999 Board Members:  Neil Curtis*, Bud Murray, Dave Bolio, Joe Cwik, Ed Mooney/Koperek
Homeowner Dues         $880     Golf Memberships:  PV $850    CW $1,050        Combo $1,350
Golfers collected books and donated them to St. Peters Indian Mission School
Cottonwood Tennis Club opens new “food court” adjacent to tennis courts Palo Verde adds new pro shop expanding clubhouse by 1130 sq. ft. and the old pro shop converted to a lounge
E-mail system for all SLHOA#2 staff members begins
The 5 Cottonwood tennis courts were replaced
New Adventures in Learning (NAILS) begins classes at Chandler/Gilbert Community College Building (Link to New Adventures in Learning / picture)

2000 Board Members:  Neil Curtis*, Bud Murray, Dave Bolio, Ed Mooney, Malcolm Amos
Homeowner Dues         $880     Golf Memberships:  PV $850    CW $1,050        Combo $1350
New Palo Verde Lounge opens as non-smoking
Photo I-D cards for membership implemented
Renters allowed to purchase annual golf memberships
Minimum gratuity (15%) added to restaurant bills
Café closed for the summer for remodel
Frank Banyai named General Manager

2001 Board Members:  Dave Bolio, Bud Murray, Ed Mooney*, Malcolm Amos, Barry Mostovoy
Homeowner Dues         $910     Golf Memberships:  PV $900    CW $1,100        Combo $1,400
Food & Beverage consultants hired to review our F& B operations resulting in management changes
Cottonwood Pro shop Golf Cart enclosure and veranda constructed
Thomas Guilioni named General Manager

2002 Board Members:  Ed Mooney*, Barry Mostovoy, Dave Bolio, Pat Schneider, Ethel Wagner
Homeowner Dues         $910     Golf Memberships:  PV $900    CW $1,100        Combo $1,400
New Friends program initiated by Forum
New forward tees constructed on Cottonwood golf course
Chelsea electronic tee sheet system implemented
#16 fairway bunker removed and green reworked at Cottonwood
Grass in rough changed from Regular Bermuda to 419 Hybrid Bermuda at CW
Cottonwood back nine closed for the summer
Tom Guilioni’s contract terminated

2003  Board Members:  Barry Mostovoy*, Ethel Wagner, Pat Schneider, Fred Haubold, Phil Wynn
Homeowner Dues         $910     Golf Memberships:  PV $1,010, CW $1,200, Combo $1510
Bob Mariani named General Manager
Bill Todd hired as Golf Course Maintenance Manager
Nine hole ladies golf group becomes available at Palo Verde
Sisk Park Ramada enlarged
Jonas Software implemented in golf, food & beverage and administration operations
Permanent water line installed from Well #33 to south lake to bring water with lower salt levels to the CW back nine
46,221 rounds of golf played at Palo Verde in 2003; 45,909 at Cottonwood
Cottonwood back nine closed for the summer
Groundbreaking for Robson Branch of Maricopa County Library Link to story & pictures

2004 Board Members:  Phil Wynn*, Ethel Wagner, Pat Schneider, Fred Haubold, Len Boyles
Homeowner Dues         $980     Golf Memberships:  PV $1,010  CW $1,200       Combo $1510
                                                                                    25 play card $800
Food & beverage survey sent to all homeowners
Benefit golf tournament and silent auction to benefit former employee, Lourdes Ortega nets $14,000 to assist family with expenses after accident leaves her paralyzed
Cottonwood hosts the PGA Westfield Junior Golf Championship
Over 400 members attended the Fourth of July celebration – the largest crowd

2005 Board Members:  Richard Hawkes*, Phil Wynn, Bob Spruiell, Nancy Pannebecker, Fred Haubold
Homeowner Dues $1,010          Golf Memberships:  PV $1,050, CW $1,250       Combo $1,550
                                                25 Play card $800
Cottonwood hosts the 2005 PGA Westfield Junior Golf Championship
Bernie Howe named General Manager
Homeowners vote of approval to expand the women’s fitness center at cost not to exceed $255,000 with no homeowner assessment
The McMahon Group hired to develop a Master Plan for our community
Back House” tours of SLHOA#2 facilities offered to homeowners

2006  Board Members:  Nancy Pannebecker*, Richard Hawkes, Bob Spruiell, Rich Featherstone, Janet Quade
Homeowner Dues $1,010          Golf Memberships:  PV $1,100, CW $1,400       Combo $1,600
                                                25 Play card $875
New lap pool built
Wet and Wild Water Aerobics classes begin Link to Wet & Wild
Voters reject McMahon Master Plan and the Better Sun Lakes Task Force formed Link to CWPV Renovation article

2007  Board Members:  Nancy Pannebecker, Richard Hawkes, Bob Spruiell, Rich Featherstone, Janet Quade
Homeowner dues $1,060           Golf Memberships $1,150 PV, $1,450 CW, $1,650 Combo
$1,000- CW&PV 25 Play Card
Homeowners accept and approve one time $1,428 per lot assessment to improve the Cottonwood Clubhouse, Cottonwood Café and Palo Verde Clubhouse
2008  Board Members:  Nancy Pannebecker, Richard Hawkes, Bob Spruiell, Rich Featherstone,  Janet Quade
Bylaws amended by homeowner approval
Riggs Rd. tunnel ownership transferred from Robson Communities to SLHOA#2

2009  Board Members:  Nancy Pannebecker, Richard Hawkes, Bob Spruiell, Rich Featherstone, Mel Rasmussen, Paul Graebke, Gloria Combs
Remodeled Palo Verde Clubhouse re-opens 151 days after major remodeling and enlargement of the kitchen and lounge

2010  Board Members:  Nancy Pannebecker, Richard Hawkes, Rich Featherstone,  Mel Rasmussen, Paul Graebke, Gloria Combs, Kathy Skrei
Board approves $108,000 from Capital Improvement Fund for racquetball court upgrades at Palo Verde
Homeowners approve an AT&T cell tower 25 year lease agreement with tower to be built near Maintenance Building
Homeowners vote approval to close Riggs Rd. tunnel
Board investigates possibility and considers usage for acquiring A-1 Golf Cart property on Arizona Ave.
Board approves construction of new pickleball courts
Programming on Channel 49 ends
New Golf & Common Area Maintenance building completed at a cost of $1,235K which was $515K under budget
On August 9 newly remodeled Cottonwood Bar and Grill and Saguaro Room open
Bylaw revisions approved by homeowner vote

2011 Board Members:  Rich Featherstone, Mel Rasmussen, Paul Graebke, Kathy Skrei, Bud Jennsen, George Thomas, Woody Neiman
HOA Dues $1,142  Golf Memberships:  $1,650 CWPV Combo, $1,450 CW, $1,150 PV
Homeowners approve construction of new Administration Building at a cost not to exceed $800,000
San Tan Ballroom redecorated
Food & Beverage Survey conducted with 1488 responding

2012 Board of Directors: Kathy Skrei, President; Mel Rasmussen, Vice-President; Bud Jenssen, Secretary; Woody Neiman, Treasurer; Don Hicks, Director; Bob Spruiell, Director; George Thomas, Director

Homeowner Dues: $1,180 annual for Cottonwood residents; $1,430 for Palo Verde residents ( $1,180 plus $100 Annual Road Fee and $150 Annual Gate Fee.)

Golf Membership Annuals for CW/PV residents; CW/PV Combo $1,700; CW only $1,500; PV only $1,200; CW/PV 25 play card $1,100. CW/PV courses were available to residents of Sun Lakes Country Club (formerly Phase 1) and IronOak (formerly Phase 3) at higher fees.

Major event for year 2012 was the acquisition of the 2 ½ acre plot owned by Robson Communities, Inc., located  at the entrance to Cottonwood (Riggs Road and E.J Robson Blvd.)
Homeowners had approved purchase of the vacant land (67.6% of homeowners voted with an 87.4% approval percentage). Approval amount $ 950,000. Actual costs including legal fees was $915,000. This was the only vacant land adjacent to the CWPV area available for future needs of the community.
Later in the year, homeowners voted to construct the New Administration Building on the acquired property. 64.1% of homeowners voted with 54.63% favoring building on the newly acquired property. John Dobson, a long-time resident, donated $200,000 towards the cost of construction. When the building is completed, it will be designated with his name.

New Pickle Ball Court construction completed in the Cottonwood Clubhouse area.

The New Friends/Ambassador Program which was started many years ago by the Sun Lakes Forum (see link above) was taken over by the CWPV HOA under the Communications Committee. Ambassadors  conducted 81 new resident tours in 2012 acquainting them with the many facilities and activities available.

2013 Board of Directors: Kathy Skrei-President, Woody Neiman-Vice President, Bud Jenssen-Secretary, Nancy Pannebecker-Treasurer, Richard Hawkes-Director, Don Hicks-Director, George Thomas, -Director.

Homeowner Dues: $1,238 Cottonwood & Palo Verde: $125 annual road fee (Palo Verde only); $163 annual gate fee (Palo Verde only).

Golf Rates: CWPV Homeowners: CWPV Combo $1,700; CW only: $1,500; PV only: $1,200. Phase 1&3 Homeowners: CWPV Combo $1,900; CW only $1,700; PV only $1,300

Major Events: Homeowners voted approval to authorize additional funding of $350,000 for New Administration Building project. This will allow us to build a first-class facility and provide us with a contingency fund should there be any unforeseen costs during construction. 53.3% of Homeowners voted (total 2,269). 73% of the community voted in favor of the expenditure. No Homeowner assessment was required since money was already available in Capital Reserve and Capital Improvement funds. Approval to proceed with construction was received from Maricopa County late in the year. Actual construction to begin in January, 2014.

A new Restroom at the Palo Verde pool was completed and the Children’s pool at Cottonwood was renovated.

A new Tennis Court at Cottonwood was built. This was necessary since one of the Courts, already at Cottonwood, had been converted to a Pickle Ball court in 2012.

Two new Prius Hybrid Cars were purchased for our CWPV Patrol. These fuel efficient vehicles, which are used everyday, will reduce operating costs significantly.

2014 Board of Directors: Kathy Skrei,  President; Richard Hawkes, Vice President; Bud Jenssen, Secretary ; Nancy Pannebecker, Treasurer; Don Hicks, Director; Jerry Lofquist, Director; Dick Norris, Director

Homeowner Dues: (No dues Increase) $1,238 ; Palo Verde Annual Road Fund $125; $163 Annual Gate Fee (Palo Verde Residents Only).

Golf Rates: CWPV Homeowners: CWPV Combo:  $1,700; CW Only $1,500; PV Only $1,200

Major Events: Completion of the construction of the new Administration Building on schedule and within budget. (Link to Administration Building Photo)

New Rental Cart Storage Facility at Palo Verde.

Installation of a new Security System for the Palo Verde Gates located at the San Tan Blvd and Michigan entrances.

Construction of the Cottonwood Pool Restroom.

Rebuilding the fire-damaged Palo Verde Racquetball facility.

Renovation of the Cottonwood Pro Shop.

2015 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Richard Hawkes, President; Dick Norris, Vice President; Mel Rasmussen, Secretary; Woody Neiman, Treasurer; Bud Jenssen, Director; Rich Featherstone, Director; Anne Montgomery, Director.

Homeowner Dues:  $1,268 Cottonwood & Palo Verde; $125 Annual Road fee (Palo Verde only); $171 Annual Gate fee (Palo Verde only).

Golf Rates:  CWPV Combo $1,725; CW only $1,525; PV only $1,225 ($25 increase on all Annuals from the previous year).

Major Events:
Completion of Palo Verde Short Game Practice Facility which includes new putting green, chipping green, sand bunker and practice fairway for chipping.

New Practice Bunker at Cottonwood.

Cottonwood Palo Verde Library Renovation. (Link to Library photo)

Palo Verde Maintenance Lunchroom and Office.

Appointment of the "Health and Wellness Center Task Force" to assess the requirements and subsequent recommendations for a new fitness center to meet the current and future needs of the community.

2016 Board of Directors: Dick Norris, President; Mel Rasmussen, Vice President; Anne Montgomery, Secretary; Woody Neiman, Treasurer; Roger Beagle, Director; Bill Greer, Director; Bud Jenssen, Director.

Homeowner Dues:  $1,306 Cottonwood & Palo Verde; $125 Annual Road fee (Palo Verde only); $171 Annual Gate fee (Palo Verde only).

Golf Rates:
CWPV Homeowners: CWPV Combo $1,725; CW only $1,525; PV only $1,225.
Phase 1/3 Homeowners: CWPV Combo $1,925;  PV only $1,425.

Major Events:
The New Palo Verde Covered Patio Extension was completed and dedicated, creating a substantial increase in usable space and solving a needed capacity issue for homeowners. (Link to Photo)

The HOA Board accepted a building conceptual study submitted by the Health and Wellness Task Force for a new Health Center. Conceptual designs are being investigated for estimating levels of cost.

Additional storage space was added to the Palo Verde Maintenance Building and the Cottonwood Saguaro Room.

The Cottonwood Country Club Buildings were repainted.

A new and larger Golf Chipping and Putting Practice area was completed and dedicated at the Palo Verde Country Club.

A Golf Practice Bunker was completed next to the Cottonwood Driving Range.

3 Flag poles were installed in front of the New Administration building for displaying the United States, Arizona, and Military Services flags. (Link to Photo)

CWPV 501 (c) Foundation presented a check for $100,000.00 to the HOA.  Funds were given by John Dobson to be used for enhancements of the Administration Building. Monies can be used for health, education, or other cultural community projects.

A major upgrade to the HOA Website was completed by Administration and Communication Committee personnel making it more user friendly to the homeowner and outside persons with potential interest in the HOA.

2017 Board of Directors: Mel Rasmussen, President; Anne Montgomery, Vice President; Roger Beagle, Secretary; Woody Neiman, Treasurer; Gay Zawatski, Director; Bill Greer, Director; Don Hicks, Director.

Homeowner Dues:
Cottonwood 2017 dues - $1,344.00 Palo Verde - $1,640.00 Includes Gate and Street Maintenance

Golf Rates:
CWPV Homeowners: CWPV Combo $1,725; CW only $1,525; PV only $1,225 Phase 1/3 Homeowners: CWPV Combo $1,925;  PV only $1,425

Major Events:
November 15, 2017, Cottonwood Palo Verde homeowners approved the construction of a New Coed Fitness Center Facility on the vacant lot area next to the Administration Building by a vote of 1,763 for and 891 against. Approved initial design of a single story 13,000 sq. ft., Build and Equipment are estimated at a cost of $3M.   4 Design and Construction site costs were considered.   An estimated assessment of $525 per homeowner unit was approved. Program proceeding to final design, cost bidding, and homeowner approval in 2018.

Final phase of the Palo Verde Maintenance Building upgrade for efficient employee usage completed with addition of a mezzanine storage area.

An additional 14 Golf Cart parking areas constructed at Palo Verde Country Club.

Enhanced lighting of the Cottonwood Tennis Courts completed with the replacement of existing units with L.E.D.  lighting.

A major releveling program of the golf tees at Cottonwood and Palo Verde completed.

Replacement of all Patio Furniture at the Cottonwood Country Club completed.

Continued upgrading of the HOA Website completed by Administration and Communication Committee personnel making it more user friendly to the homeowner and outside persons with potential interest in the HOA.



*Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes is an age 55 and older housing community in accordance with the Arizona and Federal Fair Housing Acts.