An Active Adult Community



In 1995 a pilot with an extensive background in aviation established residence in Palo Verde.  He was interviewed by the local Splash and the resulting article included notice of an Aero Club being formed.

A few pilots responded and each month Splash articles generated more new members.  In the years that followed, pilots and non-pilots joined and the roster eventually reached 120 members.

While the Club started without owned aircraft, a few of the pilots aspired for a means to renew flight.  Fortuitously a local group wished to recruit a few active pilots.  This was an unexpected opportunity which allowed Sun Lakes Aero Club members to fly four different planes.

As membership grew, some 25 owners of planes joined the Club.  This enabled an expansion of monthly programs to include groups of member flights to interesting destinations, speaker meetings and ground tours to various sites.

Membership currently includes veteran airline pilots, ex-military pilots and those with no piloting experience … but all with an avid interest in aviation.  Anyone who may have a similar interest is invited to call year-round resident club founder Al “Galvi” at (480) 802-0104.





*Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes is an age 55 and older housing community in accordance with the Arizona and Federal Fair Housing Acts.